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Hiding Places in School

Build a false wall for your locker. Hide it between real wall and false wall.**

No one looks under the sink in the bathroom. Tape it there.***

Tape it behind the chalk board.**

Fold up and put in between pencil and eraser inside of medal part.*

Tape to the bottom of a key board in computer room.*

Tape to the bottom of the teachers desk.***

Not inside the book cover but inside the book sock.*

Tape to the inside of the dumpster.***

Break open a hoola hoop. There is a special place to break it open.  To find out where to break it open, hold it up to the sun. The darkest part is were you break it open. There should also be a staple and a thin crack too. Now stuff what you're hiding in the hoop and put it back together again.*

You know the big cover for the toilet. This thing. Lift it up. Don't worry, about getting sprayed in the face with sewage or something like that tape it to the bottom of the thing that I am pointing too.*

Taped under the under a door.*

Taped to the bottom of one of those yellow parking blocker things **




* Only works with paper.

** Works with any thing small, but works best with paper.

*** Any thing works, but the smaller the better.