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Home made hiding places


WARNING: Read completely before attempting!!! Ask before doing any thing!!!

Do You have an electronic that doesn't work. Get a screw driver, find all the holes for screws, and unscrew them. Next unscrew the circuit board. MAKE SURE IT IS UNPLUGGED AND/OR ALL BATTERIES ARE OUT. After it is empty, put your soon-to-be-hidden object in the now empty electronic. Screw it back together again.***

Get a big piece of card board and spray paint it the color of your book case. Measure the height and width of the back part of one of the shelves. Cut your cardboard according to your measurements. Get fishing line and tie loops at either end. Tape the line to the cardboard and put the cardboard into the shelf. Done properly, you should now have a new unpredictable hiding spot.***

If you have a slow movie on VHS, take it and un screw it. Take out the film and hide your things in the empty shell.You can put the fake wall inside a shoe box too.**

Take a CD case. Remove the CD and put it in a CD player. Take out the black part that holds the CD, and remove it from the rest of the case. Hide your object in the case, and put the black part back in. Done properly, it should be hidden between the black part and the paper in the back that gives you a list of songs. It is now safe to put the CD back into it.*

* Only works with paper.

** Works with any thing small, best with paper.

***Works with any size, the smaller the better